Albert Camus’ the Stranger and Islam: A Postcolonial Study

Md. Habibullah, Nurun Nahar


The article speculates on Camus’s dealings with Muslims/Islam in his The Stranger in the light of the postcolonial lens. It clarifies that Camus’ ‘Othering’ of the Muslims/Arabs in French Algeria reflects the French colonial mentality. It shows how the novel depicts the racial antagonism and conflict between the Islamic East and the West. The article also foregrounds that the novel is in the queue for the formation of Orientalism. At last, we argue that most of the time Camus is very critical of the anomalies in French colonialism but is in no way s not anti-colonial.


Islam, Postcolonial lens, Othering, Colonial mentality, Antagonism, Orientalism, Anti-colonial.

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