Critical Analysis on the Challenges of Land Administration and Management in Bangladesh: Are the Land Rights Guaranteed?

Tariq Bin Sarwar, Md. Abdul Jalil


Land is directly connected with the economic development of a country. However, administration of land is a complex task to be undertaken by the state. Without a smooth and people friendly land administration, land rights cannot be ensured. Land administration of Bangladesh has been replete with problems and it is full of complexities. There is a need of skilled manpower in this sector. Age-old mindset and routine work of the land administration has detached it from the land related problems. The judiciary is overburdened with the land related suits and there is no scope of speedy disposal of the suits. Numerous legal provisions and procedural intricacies have made the litigations expensive and time consuming. Services of the land offices are not accessible and not transparent except resorting to brokers and spending extra money. Those brokers have secret link with the land officers. For this, land rights are not guaranteed due to various impediments as mentioned above. This article discusses the problems of land administration in Bangladesh along with the obstacles towards ensuring land rights. It identifies the challenges towards the smooth functioning of the land administration and also determines the prospects in this regard. There have been numerous attempts on behalf of the Government to improve the land management including the digitization of land records. It is doubtful, however, whether those endeavours can improve the situation really and ensure land rights of the people in Bangladesh.


Land administration, Land management, Guarantee of land rights, Record of rights, Digitization of land records.

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