Acceptability of E-Commerce among Indian Consumers

Vaibhav Misra, Dr. Kushendra Mishra


E-Commerce Services are widely used in different fields of Management for making payments, purchasing goods, booking tours etc. Therefore the study is conducted to find out the acceptability of E-Commerce among Indian consumers. This study also looks into other objectives such as finding out the reasons of acceptance or non-acceptance of E-Commerce technology. Questionnaire was designed keeping in mind the convenience of the respondents and was distributed to 384 respondents, the responses were received from 373 respondents. To analyze the reliability of questionnaire Cronbach’s Alpha was used in the study. Further, Factor Analysis and Regression Analysis were used in the study to identify the acceptability of E-Commerce among the Consumers. It is found that security and trust are the major reason affecting the acceptability of e-commerce among Indian consumers. The other reasons found accountable for acceptability of e-commerce are Telecommunication Infrastructure, Awareness about E-Commerce, Language and Economical Background. 


E-Commerce, India, Acceptance, Adoption, Technology

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