Analysis of Growth Rate, Price Variation, Marketing System and Export Potentiality of Potato to International Market for Bangladesh: A Study from The Perspective at Narsingdhi District

Shamsun Arefin, Tahura Pervin


This paper analyzes the possibility large production in quantity and understanding the market potentiality of potato in Bangladesh inferring Narshinghdi District. Investment in potato cultivation is becoming risky and often considered to be linked vertically because of the deprivation of desired price of farmers. The present study shows that farmers and cold storage owners show reluctance not to invest in trading because of lack of time and skill to deal with urban traders, face capital constraints and the High Yield Varieties (HYV) seeds to produce more. The responsible parties and the related variables those are liable for increasing the price of potato is seen in such a way that the price of potato in urban area is 4-6 folds then in rural area. This study shows the present condition of exporting potato in recent successive years and the possibility of potato export in international market by overcoming the challenges faced by the exporters


Market Potentiality, Cold-storage owner, HYV and Responsible Parties

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