Building Digital Women Entrepreneurs: A Study on Women Entrepreneurs’ Use of Social Media to Help Sustain Their Businesses

Dr. Deependra Sharma, Amrita Grewal


Purpose: The purpose of the study is to explore and enquire whether women entrepreneurs find social media platforms as an effective marketing tool to help them in the sustenance of their businesses.

Methodology: The study adopts a qualitative approach based on extensive review of literature available on women entrepreneurs and social media platforms and personal interviews of women entrepreneurs of Gurgaon.

Findings: Social media platforms have created a new generation of women entrepreneurs, allowing their businesses to be set up and be promoted with a very low cost, giving everyone an equal opportunity to succeed. The sector which is most benefited are those offering products which are tangible. Service Sector still relies heavily on WOM (word of mouth). However, many services are being registered with B2B providers who help bring clienteles beyond their acquaintances.

Implications: The study’s findings have important implications for policymakers and practitioners charged with promoting growth of female entrepreneurial ventures. It also provides insights to women entrepreneurs who wish to start their own ventures and for other B2B businesses that can narrow down the industry which has greatest impact of social media on their businesses


Social media, social media platforms, women entrepreneurs, informal businesses

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