A Preliminary Study on The Opportunities and Challenges of Cottage Industries in India

Dr. Vasanthi Reena Williams, Akash Kumar Singh


Post Liberalization, India has seen a spurt in entrepreneurial ventures. The government, both at the Centre and States are providing schemes and banks are also providing the much-required finance for such undertakings. Infact a country’s progress can be measured by increase in its trade and commerce and the Cottage Industry is the life-line towards bigger and larger business ventures. Usually, Cottage industry has a more traditional approach, based on occupation of the entrepreneur and can therefore be considered as the naissance of industrialization all over the world.

The number of Cottage Industries in India is increasing day by day and is, in fact providing livelihood to millions of people in the country. This study tries to analyze the Opportunities and Challenges faced by Cottage Industries, which is basically coming under the unorganized sector, keeping in view the present provisions and schemes provided by the Government and the financial assistance being provided by banks in the country.Cottage Industries help in ensuring empowering individuals through financial independence and facilitate sustainable development.The study has been conducted at JSS Urban Haat, which is an initiative provided by the Government to assist entrepreneurs of cottage industries to market their products. This study adopts the primary method of investigation by collecting responses from a few entrepreneurs from where the conclusion to the study is drawn


Cottage Industries, Entrepreneur

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