A Study on Strategic Financial Planning Towards Retirement Age in India With Reference to Mysuru City

Dr. Vasanthi Reena Williams, Luthfia Tahir Abdullah


As we advance in technology, our lifestyle too seems to be influenced. We see a lot of positive revolutionary transformations happening around us. The positivity can also be seen from the increase in lifespan due to advancement in medical sciences as well.

However, on the flip side, we find that people are moving out of their homes to find better jobs in other countries and this is affecting the concept of joint-family system which is a very popular culture in India. In the Joint-family system, elders in the family are taken care of by the younger generation and parallelly, the elders take care of the little kids and the home. While this system is fast becoming obsolete and people are leading their own individual lives away from their children and relatives, it becomes imperative for them to plan prudently for their life after retirement.

This study focuses on analyzing the level of retirement planning of working individuals of both men and women who were employed; either salaried or in business to ensure equal chance of identifying the concept of thinking process between the genders with regard to retirement planning in a semi-urban place, Mysuru. The total number of respondents identified was 100, equally represented by both genders


retirement planning, financial management, financial commitments

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