An Empirical Investigation of Tourists’ Satisfaction among Domestic and International Tourists on Eco - Tourist Locations in Kerala

Dr. S. A. Vivek


The Indian State, Kerala is bestowed with a large number of tourist destinations.  Every year, tourists visit these places from different parts of the country and across the world.  Assessment of tourist’s perceptions and satisfaction is important for successful destination management.  This study analyzed the domestic and international tourists’ demographic characteristics, their perception on key destination attributes (transportation services, accommodation services, food and catering services, shopping facilities, information and guidance, public convenience, parking facility, safety and security, cleanliness and hygiene, and behavior of local people) and their overall satisfaction on eco - tourist locations in Kerala.  The survey was conducted with the sample of 250 tourists visited Kerala Forest Development Corporation Limited’s  (KFDCL) eco - tourist locations at Gavi, Munnar, Nelliyanmpathy and Mananthavady (Wayanad) in Kerala.  The findings reveal that there were significant difference in perception of tourists on transportation services, information and guidance, public convenience, cleanliness and hygiene, parking facility, safety and security and behavior of local people whereas no significant difference was found in their overall satisfaction level.


Kerala, demographic characteristics, tourism, ecotourism, satisfaction

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