Reading Aravind Adiga’s the White Tiger as a Failed Revolution of a Narrator Representing the Deprived

Md. Abdul Momen Sarker, Md. Mominur Rahman


Aravind Adiga’s The White Tiger (2008) showcases India’s class discriminations and the proletariat’s desire for revenge on the bourgeoisie. The protagonist in the novel tells his life story to the premier of China his country’s all-out rival. The novelist has shown that the proletariat has a right to take over the authority even by an unfair means like murder and this right is justified as something revolutionary in a number of senses. Here in this essay I suggest that criticizing the corruption and unjust ways of the upper class and factually following the same track are dreams nipped in the buds, or simply put, a failed revolution of those who suffered only to make others suffer identically in the future taken custody of by their own hands. In fact, there is a way out of the territory of the human jungle through his attempt at enacting the wishful fulfillment of a crime-filled utopian fantasy as a means to prove a few points of India’s social realism in his work of literature. This paper attempts to prove that Aravind Adiga’s The White Tiger is the story of a failed revolution of a narrator representing struggles of the Deprived.    


Social realism, class struggle, murder, servitude, revolution

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