Health and Hygiene Conditions of Small Industries in Bangladesh: An Empirical Study

Md. Moinuddin Chowdhury


Health and hygiene condition is a part of work environment, which has a major impact on the productivity of an organization.  Because of the health hazard, the workers fall into chronic diseases or illness, and may even become unable to work permanently. The small-scale sector is a vital constituent of overall industrial sector of Bangladesh. This industry forms a one of the dominant part of Bangladesh industry a   contributing to a significant proportion of production, exports and employment.  This study is a Case study where purposive and random sampling have been used. Information collected from primary and secondary sources. The objectives of the study are to inform about the health-related arrangements of small industries in Bangladesh, to identify the deviation with legal and standard health and hygiene condition in accordance with Bangladesh Labor Act,2006 (Amended,2013), and how to improve the health system. Sample industry Establishment surveys show that most organizations do not comply with the provisions of labor laws. Health arrangements of institutions are not good. Air circulation and temperature of the institutions are not satisfactory. Natural and unnatural lighting system is very bad. No organization has spittoon and dustbin. In a word, most of the organization’s messy and stinking environment prevails. Finally, some important recommendations have been made for the development of small industries in Bangladesh. In this recommendation, the emphasis is on to provide awareness among the owners and workers regarding health-related issues, to eliminate legal errors, to remove the misconceptions about the owner’s indifference and health, and above all, the emphasis is on the patronage of public and private organizations for the improvement of health and hygiene condition.


Health and Hygiene, Small industries, Bangladesh

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