Services of Mobile Banking: BKash at Rajshahi

MD. Shawan Uddin, Md. Shamim Hossain, Md. Salah Uddin


This study has been conducted based on the field survey to draw the effects of mobile banking in developing country like Bangladesh. Mobile banking, and consequently, mobile payments and mobile money are the latest in a numerous of emerging technological innovations in the banking sector. The usage of mobile banking payments by means of mobile phones, have increased in modern era in Bangladesh. A self administrated questionnaire had been developed and distributed among 40 subscribers of Bangladesh's first complete mobile financial service provider, bKash limited, a Brac Bank subsidiary, launched its operation at Rajshahi City. The study has been conducted to analyze the customers motivating factors such as service charge, nature of the security and trust on the mobile banking operation of bKash. Besides with, this study reveals to assess the customers’ satisfaction of the availability and speediness of the mobile banking bKash. Factors such as availability, time consumptions and security are found positively related to the clients of the mobile banking bkash. However, service charge is the only factor found negatively related to the clients.


bKash, IT, E-banking, BB

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